[Drama] Let’s Fight Ghost (Bring it On!) [COMPLETED]

Download Korean Drama Let’s Fight Ghost (Bring it On!)

A wandering ghost meets an exorcist and helps him send other ghosts off to the next life.

Episode 01: 1080p iPTV [Mega]
Episode 02: 720p NEXT [Gogle Drive + Torrent] 1080p MATE [Mega]
Episode 03: 1080p HDTV  [MegaB]
Episode 04: 1080p Elanor [Google Drive]
Episode 05: 1080p iPTV [Mega + Torrent]
Episode 06: 1080p iPTV [Mega]
Episode 07: 720p NEXT [Mega]
Episode 08: 720p NEXT [Mega] I 1080i NgN [Mega + Torrent]
Episode 09: 1080p Elanor [Mega]
Episode 10: 720p NEXT [Google Drive + Torrent] MATE 1080p [Mega]
Episode 11: 720p NEXT [mail.ru + Torrent] MATE 1080p [Mega]
Episode 12: 1080p NGN [Mega]
Episode 13: 1080p DWBH [Mega]
Episode 14: 1080p iPTV [Mega]
Episode 15: 720 NEXT [Mega + Torrent]
Episode 16 END: 720p NEXT [Mega