[Album] TVXQ – Premium Classic Collection A (CD 1 + 2) [MP3]

Release Date: 2010 I Language: Korean
Genre: Instrumental I File Compression Type: rar
Bit Rate: MP3 I 320 kbps I 44 khz

1-01 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう.mp3
1-02 Love in the Ice.mp3
1-03 Bolero.mp3
1-04 With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~.mp3
1-05 呪文 -MIROTIC-.mp3
1-06 Lovin-_ you.mp3
1-07 PROUD.mp3
1-08 Begin.mp3
1-09 忘れないで.mp3
1-10 Stand by U.mp3
1-11 明日は来るから.mp3
1-12 Forever Love.mp3
01-vas Please Stop Time (Music Box Ver.).mp3
02-vas PROUD (Music Box Ver.).mp3
03-vas Because Tomorrow Will Come (Music Box Ver.).mp3
04-vas HUG (Music Box Ver.).mp3
05-vas With All My Heart (Mus.mp3
06-vas Begin (Music Box Ver.).mp3
07-vas Love in the Ice (Music Box Ver..mp3
08-vas Why did I fall in love with You (Musi c Bo.mp3
09-vas Music Sheet (Music Box Ver.).mp3
10-vas Forever Love (Music Box Ver.).mp3
11-vas Stand by U (Music Box Ver.).mp3
12-vas Kiss The Baby Sky (Music Box Ve.mp3
13-vas Lovin’ you (Music Box Ver.).mp3
14-vas Bolero (Music Box Ver.).mp3

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MP3 CD 2: Mega I MediaFire I ZippyShare II Size: 67 MB
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