[Open Post] Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the explanation to most frequent questions.


Subtitles and Drama

Make sure that both subtitles and a video file have the same name (especially if you downloaded a Torrent)

Usually I provide subtitles and check if they are in sync before posting but mismatches sometimes happen. I can’t throughoughtly check all the Drama files from beginning till the end. So, if there is a problem, please, immediately contact me.

I am not saving files longer than a week after I upload them, so if you contact me later than that, there are less chances I can help you.

If you have subtitles that are from somewhere else and it does not match with Drama provided on this site or the other way around, it’s your problem to solve.

I do not re-upload past posts. Sometimes I do make exceptions, but it is always my personal decision.

Requests to upload files on the other servers will be ignored. I always get complaints that if the file is on Mega I should have uploaded it on Google Drive but if, by some reason, it’s on Google Drive it would be so much better for it to be on Mega and so on. I am not going to upload on all the existing file hosting sites because it takes a lot of time and delays the posting itself.


Simple, there wasn’t one from the beginning. Sometimes I’m uploading files from my personal collection or from the other sources that doesn’t provide Torrents. Especially, if it’s an old Drama series.

Do not forget that Torrents expire! In this case, since I am only reposting them, I can’t help you with anything or “fix” the Torrent so that it would download “faster” and so on.

Requests for the Drama uploads.

I do not upload K-Drama if:

  • I don’t want to. I’m busy with other uploads.
  • Drama is not so popular and I am posting it for two-three visitors
  • It’s an old one release (Sometimes I decide to upload Drama that someone requested but updates are slow because my main priority is always a new releases)
  • I am not a magician and it’s hard to find HQ past releases.

Music and Music Videos

Why can’t there be uploads of all the Music Videos in Bugs! and MelOn quality only? Because there are people who like YouTube and Naver releases. Quite often I don’t have the most recent releases. Music and MVs requires purchasing, so don’t complain about why I can’t upload that or that. You all know the reason (is purchasing) and it’s frustrating how some people are waiting for me to post something and then copy-paste it to their site.

File Sharing and Re-posting

I am not a fool. Some contents in this site is from my personal files and I DO KNOW WHEN IT IS RE-POSTED FROM MY SITE. It angers me a lot and I often refrain myself from posting MVs of BTS, EXO or other popular groups in Bugs! because it will spread around in an hour time. Please, at least take out files with credits, that would be appreciated.

I know that some of you have even bigger file collection than I do, this site is based on sharing and I already share all I can, it would be appreciated if you do that among yourselves too.

NOTE: I often get e-mail messages with requests to send a personal link of (ex.) BTS – Blood, Sweat and Tears Bugs! MV. Requests like that will be ignored. Just go and purchase it yourself.


You can write messages and communicate in this site freely because comments do not require your personal info and you can write anonymously as most of the visitors do. The only messages I block are Spam and curse, hurtful messages that does affect me and can disturb the site visitors since I have an idea that the age of visitors quite variates. So please be Internet-friendly.

I try to read all the requests and replies but there are so many of them that it’s almost impossible to do that. So do understand that sometimes I don’t reply because I haven’t read it at all or the message was overflowed by the other incoming comments. Try contacting me again, maybe this time you will be successful. In rare occasions I choose to ignore the messages, I am a human too and it often gets tiring.

Question for You All

Nobody mentioned it before, but I find it useful when there’s a possibility to download MV to your phone, especially while traveling. YouTube requires Wi-Fi and sometimes it’s better to have it saved in your phone since you cannot download files from YouTube and watch it off-line. So I was uploading some of YouTube MVs as RAW files on ZippyShare. it means the file is a bare mp4 without any compression. All you need to do is to download it and watch.

I am not sure if it does come handy to you so a feedback and thoughts from you would be great (ex.: instead of uploading in ZippyShare, choose MediaFire or any other file hosting site that does allow download files to your computer).


And finally, I do not own anything and do not take credits for any of the files that is posted in this site. All the materials provided here are for sharing purposes only.